Group Long Term Care LTC Insurance

Employer offered Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance has become a highly requested employee benefit as well as an essential part of the comprehensive benefits package that employers offer to their employees.

Long Term Care is care that is received either in a LTC facility or in your own home when you are in need of assistance with the daily activities of living after an accident or illness or an episode from advancing age.

The increased life expectancy today means that the need for Long Term Care also increases for your employees.  Most long term care expenses are not covered by Social Security or Medicare, Medicare Supplement (“Medigap”), or private health insurance. Medicaid pays for nearly half of all nursing home care, but your employees or you must meet federal poverty guidelines and may have to “spend down” most assets on health care.

This means it is a greatly appreciated benefit for you to offer your employees and potential employees.

GPS Insurance Agency, LLC offers free, comparative quotes on group long-term care insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate whatever your group size or benefit goals.

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October 22nd, 2015 by GPS Insurance Agency, LLC